CAP-IT is a nation-wide network is formed by three U54 CAP-IT Specialized Centers (RFA-CA-21-038 (reissued as RFA-CA-22-055), one U24 CAP-IT Data & Resource Coordination Center (CAP-IT DRCC, RFA-CA-21-039 reissued as NOT-CA-23-012), and multiple CAP-IT Supplement Projects (Administrative Supplements, NOT-CA-23-064)

  • CAP-IT Specialized Centers (U54): CAP-IT Centers (U54) undertake multi-disciplinary research involving the following three major focus areas: target validation, screening and identification of active agents or antigenic epitopes, and in vivo efficacy testing.

  • CAP-IT Data and Resource Coordination Center (U24): The CAP-IT DRCC (U24) functions as the centralized data management and network activity coordination center.

  • CAP-IT Supplement Projects: The CAP-IT Supplement Projects (supported under NOT-CA-23-064), through administrative supplement, encourage new interdisciplinary collaborations between external (non-CAP-IT-supported) investigators and CAP-IT U54-supported investigators to perform research within the scientific scope(s) of their active parent grant(s) and/or cooperative agreement award(s). A total of two CAP-IT Supplement Projects were funded in 2022.

  • Governance of the CAP-IT: The NIH program officers for CAP-IT include Drs. Shizuko Sei and Vignesh Gunasekharan. The CAP-IT will be governed by a CAP-IT Steering Committee. The Steering Committee consists of CAP-IT Center PIs, CAP-IT DRCC PI, and NCI Project Scientists. The Chair and co-Chair of the Steering Committee will be selected from Awardees of CAP-IT Specialized Centers (U54) and CAP-IT DRCC (U24).